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Today’s coffee 460 yen
Original Blend coffee \500 yen
Iced coffee \480 yen
Café au lait \550 yen
Foamy Cappuccino (Frothy coffee) \570yen
Drip brew coffee (hot or ice) (Water Dripped coffee) \600yen

■Tea and More
Tea (lemon・milk・straight) \560 yen
Iced tea (lemon・milk・straight) \480 yen
Cocoa (hot or ice) \560yen
Orange juice \460 yen
Beer \700yen

Honey Toast \540 yen
Honey Jumbo Toast \600 yen
Curry Toast \570 yen
Curry Jumbo Toast \700 yen
Tuna Toast \650 yen
Pork Sandwich \700 yen
Pizza Sandwich \700 yen
Chicken Sandwich \750 yen
Beef Curry and Rice \680 yen
Tomato Soup with full of vegetables (Bread or Rice) \830 yen
Beef Stew (Bread or Rice) \1000yen

★topping menu★
・Soft boiled eggs \100yen ・curry \130yen・cheeese \80yen・
・icecream vanilla \100yen ・icecream salty caramel \150yen  icecream mango \150yen 
Whipped cream \60yen  Honey syrup \50yen  Cinnamon powder \30yen 

★With an additional 200yen(11:00~15:30) or 300yen(15:30~19:30)
you can choose one drink from,
Coffee/Icedcoffee/Tea(lemon・milk・straight) /Icedtea(lemon・milk・straight)

・50 yen off for a coffee/tea set

Baked cheesecake \470yen 
Blue Berry unbaked cheesecake \470yen 
Banana and sesame cake \470 yen

Fruits cake\480yen 

Chocolate cake \500yen 
Chocolate with Rum raisin Cheesecake \500yen 
Lemon cake \500 yen

■Seasonal specialty
Pumpkin pudding
Peach jelly
Strawberry jelly
Coffee Jelly
Orange cheesecake..etc…


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